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  • What is Child Aid International's refund policy

    Any donations made in error or goods purchased in error can be fully refunded. If your donation or purchase was made in error,  please contact info@childaidinternational.org and describe the details of your transaction within 48 hours of the transaction in question.

    Upon receipt of the email we will examine its details and notify you via e-mail, within a reasonable amount of time, as to whether a refund is possible. If you are deemed eligible and possible you will be refunded your purchase or donation, using the original method of payment.  

  • How are children chosen for sponsorship?

    Community members help identify the most vulnerable children in their area. Then, the families of these children are asked if they'd like to be part of the child sponsorship program, with the understanding that the benefits will be shared by everyone in the community.

  • Is child sponsorship an effective way to help?

    Yes. When you sponsor a child, you help bring long-term changes to that child’s community, creating a happier and healthier environment in which to grow up

  • How long will I sponsor my child?

    We work in a community until it becomes self-sufficient, which usually takes from 10 to 15 years. As a sponsor, you join in this work for as long as you are able. However, each time you select a child to sponsor, there are many other variables that determine the length of time that the child may be available for sponsorship, such as the development phase of the project, or if the child’s family stays in the project area. When a child is no longer available or when a project comes to an end, you will be invited to help transform another child’s life

  • Is the money I give to CAI handled responsibly?

    Yes. We account for every dollar. Of the funds given to Child Aid International in 2012, 81.1 per cent went directly into programs that help children, 13.7 per cent went to fundraising services, and 5.2 per cent was allocated to administration. Audits are conducted regularly by external firms to verify the accuracy of our financial reporting.

  • Can I get an official tax receipt for a donation?

    Yes. We issue a yearly cumulative tax receipt for all of your monthly child sponsorship payments and other donations. Receipts are typically sent out in late January or early February.

  • What if I can’t make my child sponsorship payments?

    Please contact Child Aid International as soon as possible at 1-866-111-1111 to explore the options available.

  • How do I update my contact or payment information?

    If you need to change your address, phone number or payment information, you can call us at 1-866-111-1111 or update your information online by creating a My Child Aid account. 

  • Does my sponsorship contribution go directly to one child?

    No. Sponsorship contributions are pooled centrally and used to fund programs benefiting sponsored children, their families and their communities. More than 70 years of experience has taught us that helping families and communities become self-sufficient is the best way to secure the child’s future.

    Decisions on how to use the funds are based on strategic plans prepared by in-country program staff in consultation with children, communities, local governments and partner organizations.

  • If I sponsor a child, how long a commitment do I need to make?

    The length of your commitment is up to you. Many sponsors have been with us for many years, which allows us to make long-term commitments to our partner communities.

    If you choose to end your sponsorship for any reason, please call us so we can introduce your sponsored child to a new sponsor.


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