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Sending your money to a third world country can be nerve wracking. You have lots of questions. We get it. That’s why we try to give you everything you need to be confident that the money you donate to Child Aid International gets spent the way you intended it to. 

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Where Your Money Goes

Every dollar you spend goes directly to those in need. Our organization puts volunteers directly on the ground in the places where we operate. We form long standing relationships with the communities that we serve allowing us to understand the needs of each individual. We ensure that the money you give goes to those who need of it most by vetting each candidate to ensure that their needs are real. 

Our staff documents each cheque that is given out and maintains identification for each family to ensure that only those who are authorized collect the funds that you have donated. 

The organization has developed two Orphan Child Sponsorship Programs through which it provides donors with the opportunity to help transform the life of an orphan child in Iraq.


  1. The first Sponsorship program covers the healthcare, food, clothing and public school education cost for a child.  Child Aid International currently sponsors nearly 400 orphan children in Iraq. 
  2. The second Sponsorship program covers the cost of a private school education without which most these children would not attend any schools.


Child Aid International also helps widows and their families by providing food hampers which supplement an indigent family with food rations. Over the last few years we have assisted these families by distributing over 30 tons of food annually.

Child Aid International Fund Society is a registered charitable organization in Canada (#811538057RR0001) and Child Aid International is a registered NGO in Iraq (NGO #2K70812).

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