At Child Aid International Fund Society (CAIFS) we are proud of the great strides we have made since 2007 in the improvement in the lives of thousands of orphan children in Iraq.

our progress timeline


An exceptional year for CAIFS! We were able to send a container of medical supplies and beds that furnished an entire children’s wing in Basra hospital. We completed our 3rd Annual Eid Gift Program giving 1000 gifts to children in need. We sponsored over 250 children and ran our second Karbala 30 program.


We ran our 3rd annual Iraq 30 program (formally Karbala 30) with great success. We increased our Eid Gift program giving over 1200 Eid Gifts to orphans and we increased our orphan sponsorship to 365 Orphans


We began fundraising in the US and Canada. We also sent a large contingent of volunteers from North America to Iraq. We were able to meet with the governor of Basra, WHO Iraq head, and the Minister of Health and Education of Iraq. Most importantly we met with various orphans and their extended families.


Once again, CAIFS increased its orphan sponsorship program allowing us to provide for 465 orphans in need. We also distributed over 1500 Eid gifts and conducted our 5th annual Iraq 30 program.


A monumental year for CAIFS, we conducted our first ever Walk for Life. Six volunteers raised money for their walk between Najaf and Karbala in Iraq. The Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer foundation offered at $50,000 donor match program allowing CAIFS to raise over $100,000. We continued to sponsor our 465 orphans, helped establish a school in Basra, and gave out over 1000 food baskets.


Another great year for CAIFS. One again we continued to sponsor the 465 children that we support. We also increased our Eid gift program to 2000 gifts. For the second year in a row we were able to raise $100,000 through our Walk for Life program with the help of the Mohsin and Fauzia Jaffer foundation. We also sponsored 55 orphans to attend the Anwar Al-Amin private school on a scholarship so that they can get a better education and bring themselves and their families out of poverty. We increased our food baskets hand out to 2000 baskets, that adds up to about 30 tons of food!