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Donation Programs

Refugee Aid

Donate any amount to help deliver much needed aid to refugee children and their families in UNHCR Refugee Camps located in Iraq, Lebanon and Jordan.

Food Baskets

Thousands of internally displaced families are seeking refuge in the city of Basrah due to political instability. For just $50, you can provide a family of five with one healthy meal, every day for one month. 

Orphan Sponsorship

Sponsor an orphan child for just $30 per month. Your donation will provide the child with financial support, basic meals, much-needed clothing, education and medical attention.

Eid Gifts

Every child deserves a holiday gift. For just $15 you can make an orphan child smile on Eid day by providing them with two new sets of clothes and a new pair of shoes. Help a struggling guardian bring happiness to their orphan child.

Student Sponsorship

We’ve teamed up with Anwar Al-Amin private school in Basrah to provide orphan children with the chance of a better future. For $500 a year, YOU could make that future happen. 

Giving Store

Our Giving Store contains an assortment of essential items that can be given to an orphan and their guardian family - air coolers to battle Iraqi heat, heaters to warm up in the desert cold, and more...

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