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Child Aid International -- Our Journey

Get to know Child Aid International and some of the orphans we sponsor with our introductory video.
Sajaa's Home 2009

Child Aid International - Sajaa's home

In 2009 Child Aid International volunteers visted Sajaa, a sponsored orphan who has been living with 24 members of her extended family. The entire family lives in a four-room house. We had the opportunity to interview Sajaa’s aunt and tour her home.
Walk for Life 2012

Child Aid International: Walk for Life 2012

The Walk for Life is an epic 90 km, 3-day walk in Iraq between the cities of Najaf and Karbala. Volunteers from around the world raise money in their communities for orphaned Iraqis before embarking on their journey. Along the way they visited some of the families that you sponsor.
Changing Lives - 2009

Child Aid International - Changing Lives

In February 2009, a team of Child Aid International volunteers travelled from Kuwait to Baghdad in an effort to audit and document our process. Along the way, they visited various families that Child Aid International sponsors.
Ramadhan 2010

Child Aid International Ramadan 2010

In 2010 Child Aid International was able to furnish a hospital wing in Basra, secured essential medical treatment for orphans with chronic conditions, distributed over 1700 Eid gifts at our 6th annual Eid gift program and helped make families more financially sustainable.

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