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 In July 2007, Oxfam International reported that:

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In February 2009, a delegation of international volunteers from the Vancouver-based NGO Child Aid International (CAI) traveled to Iraq for 10 days to visit CAI’s Iraqi offices and view its humanitarian operations firsthand. Click here to download the trip report...

Child Aid International is a registered NGO in Iraq (NGO #2K70812)

Child Aid International is a not-for-profit organization that respects and champions the rights of all orphan children - regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or faith.

The war in Iraq has devastated thousands of lives
- families have been destroyed, homes have been lost, and countless children have been orphaned. There is a serious orphan crisis in the country without thousands of recently orphaned children in dire need of aid.

Founded in 2004, Child Aid International seeks to help rebuild the lives of these orphan children.

The organization has developed its Orphan Child Sponsorship Program through which it provides donors with the opportunity to help transform the life of an orphan child in Iraq. Sponsorship covers the healthcare, food, clothing and education cost for a child.  Child Aid International currently sponsors over 400 orphan children in Iraq.

Child Aid International is a registered NGO in Iraq, and a not-for-profit society registered in the province of British Columbia, Canada.


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