We’ve teamed up with Anwar Al-Amin private school in Basrah to provide orphan children with the chance of a better future. For $500 a year, you could make that future happen. 

orphan student sponsorship

Child Aid International has teamed up with Anwar Al-Amin private school located in Almedinah in the southern province of Basra to give orphan children an education.

Since Anwar Al-Amin was founded in 2012 and has grown to a total of 255 children. Your sponsorship has allowed 55 orphan children to attend Anwar Al-Amin private school at no expense to their families.

Unlike a normal state school, Anwar Al-Amin provides a more complete education for its students. It helps prepare students for post secondary education by giving them the opportunity to learn the full Iraqi curriculum but also subjects such as English and IT. With smaller class sizes teachers are able to provide students with more individualized attention.

With the help of Anwar Al-Amin private school, Child Aid International is combatting the root cause of poverty. We are breaking the cycle of poverty by giving these young minds the chance to make it through high school, so that they can go on to achieve their dreams and earn a salary that can help bring their families out from extreme poverty.