What is Child Aid International Fund Society's refund policy

Any donations made in error or goods purchased in error can be fully refunded. If your donation or purchase was made in error, please contact info@childaidinternational.org and describe the details of your transaction within 48 hours of the transaction in question.

Upon receipt of the email we will examine its details and notify you via e-mail, within a reasonable amount of time, as to whether a refund is possible. If you are deemed eligible and possible you will be refunded your purchase or donation, using the original method of payment.

Is the money I give to CAI handled responsibly?

Yes. We account for every dollar. Of the funds given to Child Aid International Fund Society in 2012, 81.1 per cent went directly into programs that help children, 13.7 per cent went to fundraising services, and 5.2 per cent was allocated to administration. Audits are conducted regularly by external firms to verify the accuracy of our financial reporting.

Can I get an official tax receipt for a donation?

Yes. We issue a yearly cumulative tax receipt for all of your monthly child sponsorship payments and other donations. Receipts are typically sent out in late January or early February.

What if I can’t make my orphan student sponsorship payments?

Please contact Child Aid International Fund Society as soon as possible at 604-341-2645 to explore the options available.

How do I update my contact or payment information?

If you need to change your address, phone number or payment information, you can call us at 604-341-2645.