Child Aid International Fund Society (CAIFS) is a not-for-profit organization that respects and champions the rights of all orphan children – regardless of race, ethnicity, gender or faith.

Our mission

Inspired by a commitment to improving the quality of life for orphan children, we are dedicated to addressing the basic needs of orphans worldwide. These needs are met through integrity, respect, compassion, commitment, stewardship, and trust.

our vision


Working as a team, CAIFS shall address the basic needs of orphan children by providing them with love, hope, inspiration and support to develop into healthy, caring, and confident individuals.



The public purpose and tax exempt status of charitable organizations includes an obligation to maintain the public trust. CAIFS has always taken this responsibility very seriously and strives to set an example for the field of philanthropy in all of its activities. Accordingly, it is incumbent upon volunteers of CAIFS to conduct the affairs of CAIFS with a commitment to the highest standards of integrity. This includes acting at all times in an honest and ethical manner, in compliance with all laws and regulations and avoiding actual, potential or apparent conflicts of interest. Compliance with this Code of Conduct and Ethics will sustain a culture where honest and ethical conduct is recognized, valued and exemplified throughout CAIFS.



Our team is comprised entirely of volunteers. We have two major teams, our fundraisers, who are mainly in North America, and our volunteers, who work on the ground in the regions where we serve orphans. We make sure that our team is always connected to the needs of the people that we serve. We are entrenched in the communIties that we work with so that we can provide solutions to problems that fit the situation on the ground. This is a big part of CAIFS's success and we plan to continue this practise as we grow.